Thursday, June 10, 2010

Top Five Ways to Get Yourself Motivated

Here's my best advice for getting motivated when life - and art - is starting to drag.

1. Don't do anything. That's right. I go against the grain of everything everyone has told you about being a writer. But what I mean is, don't write, but think. Think about plot, about characters, jot down some notes, and when it's gelled into something, believe me, the excitement will come and you'll want to start writing.

2. Watch a movie or TV show or read a book that's similar to what you're writing. I write fantasy so a good dose of Lord of the Rings helps sometimes.

3. Talk it out. Talk to another writer who knows what you're going through. Hash out why it's all becoming a drag - sometimes vocalizing helps to clear the cobwebs.

4. Do something else creative. Garden. Paint. Decorate. During the 14 years or so that I stopped writing I never stopped being creative. You can use creativity in a different form for inspiration.

5. Take a walk and don't be afraid to surround yourself with your own thoughts. Listen to the sounds of the landscape - if nothing else, it will clear your mind for a short while; long enough, perhaps, to let in the voices that can help you finish or start your writing project.

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